The eclipse of March 29, 2006

Check out this wonderful video of the March 29, 2006 total solar eclipse. It was visible from a narrow corridor that traversed half the Earth.

The path of totality of this eclipse began in Brazil and extended across the Atlantic to Africa, across Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Biger, Chad, Libya and a corner of Egypt. It travelled across the Mediterranean Sea to Greece and Turkey, before crossing the Black Sea via Georgia, Russia and Kazakhstan.



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2 Responses to “The eclipse of March 29, 2006”

  1. mark Says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing. lots of cool stuff here.

  2. Ada Watson Says:

    I wish I had been there. I remember the eclipse in Europe, but I was just a little girl. Everyone should catch one eclipse in their lifetime. Good blog. Thanks.

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