Protect yourself – a reminder in viewing safety

Photo: LykaestriaA gentle reminder to all again, if you are gonna catch the upcoming solar eclipse, or any future solar eclipses, please take proper precautions to view it safely.

The safest viewing technique is the pinhole projection method or to use a pinhole camera. Otherwise make sure you use proper solar filters.

Do not look at the Sun or a solar eclipse with your naked eyes.

(And yes, we can just hear you go “Yes, Mum.”)

Looking directly at the Sun, even briefly, can cause temporary blindness, possibly even permanent blindness.

The Sun delivers 4 milliwatts of sunlight to the retina, slightly heating it and potentially causing damage as our eyes cannot respond to the brightness. You could even suffer permanent blindness. Let’s not forget that the Sun is 1.3 million times the size of Earth, and made up of burning nuclear fusion energy.

Photo: NASAThe Sun also exposes us to UV rays. In our eyes, the UV rays yellows the lens and over a period of years cause cataracts. That’s why protective sunglasses are a good investment.

UV rays from the Sun are also what gives us sunburn; the rays reach the layer just under the skin’s surface, damaging the cells there and causing the “burn”. Over time, this could lead to higher risk of skin cancer.

The Sun may be magnificent and necessary for life, but it’s still a powerful force to watch out for.


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  1. mark lim Says:

    hey, this is a really though=provoking and thoughful blog.

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