More Sun and eclipse mythology

Smocze_zaćmienieLike legends and mythology? Here are a few more related to the Sun and solar eclipses.

The Native American Pomo tribe’s name for a solar eclipse was “Sun got bit bear”, and tells of a story about a bear who goes out for a stroll along the Milky Way.

Along the way, the bear encounters the Sun and the two begin to argue about who should move out of the other’s path. The argument escalates into a fight, which represents an eclipse of the Sun.

The bear eventually wins and continues on his way. But later meets the Moon, the Sun’s sister. The same thing happens, which results in the eclipse of the Moon. The tale repeats itself as the bear continues in his cycle along the Milky Way.

Another Native American tribe, the Serrano, believed that solar eclipses were caused by the spirits of the dead trying to eat up the Sun during a solar eclipse.

So when an eclipse was happening, shamans and their followers would perform ceremonial dances and songs to appease the dead spirits while the rest of the tribe shouted and made noise to scare the spirits away. People also fasted, believing that it would starve the spirits.

MythologyThe Ge’ tribe of the Amazon forest in Brazil believed that eclipses were the result of a fight between the Sun and the Moon.

Over Down Under, the Aboriginal people of Australia believed that a solar eclipse was a bad omen as it occurred when someone was working black magic on another person. (A lunar eclipse, also meant a bad omen to them, meant someone on a journey had met with a serious accident.)


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  1. ChangEr Says:

    There is the legend of Hou Yi, the hero who shot down nine suns in the sky, saving the earth from being parched and the people from dying from famine.

    He left one sun in the sky so that the world will not be thrown into darkness.

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    praise the sun

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Ome wa mou shinderu

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