Almost Heroes

Another short video we created.

Not exactly the cast of that hit TV series Heroes, but if the guy can stop the Sun (which, in the show affects people’s abilities and their powers), who knows what could happen?

Sylar ought to beware.

25 more days to the Sun being stopped! Whee!


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7 Responses to “Almost Heroes”

  1. mark lim Says:

    this is hilarious. how did you do this??

  2. neo chew chew Says:

    cool. hey, where’s the best place to catch the solar eclipse?

  3. Adrian Says:

    hahahaha, coolios. i like the guy in the film. too much time in the sun i think;-)

  4. stargazer Says:

    The July 22 solar eclipse happens in the northern part of Asia, like India, Nepal and central China.
    The best places to view it are probably in China, like Shanghai (provided it’s not too polluted), or Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing.
    Hope this helps!

  5. stargazer Says:

    We know magic. We can stop the Sun. ;)

  6. mabel Says:

    Is all the info on this site true? If it is, you are doing a wonderful job, I must say! Any more videos?

  7. stargazer Says:

    more videos are definitely in the works. so watch this space! :)

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