Moon eats Sun… Like a cookie…

Another sequence shot of the annular eclipse of October 3, 2005. This one shot from Gárgoles de Arriba in Spain.

From the silhouette of the Moon descending, it really looks like it just came down and “ate” the Sun before moving off and continuing on its way.

No wonder many of the ancients had tales of the Moon consuming the Sun. (If we had our way, we would have added a bit about “and the Moon chomped up the Sun like a cookie”… But that’s just us…)

Annular Eclipse (Image: Antonio Ferretti)


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3 Responses to “Moon eats Sun… Like a cookie…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    C is for cookie, thats good enough for me!

  2. stargazer Says:

    Heh. I guess I had cookies on my mind. :)
    I can see the legend now: “The day Cookie monster ate the Sun.”

  3. The moon is quite powerful how offten does it consume the sun ? Says:


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