Solar eclipse viewing safety II

More ways to view a solar eclipse safely.


Specially designed solar filters also allow you to observe the solar eclipse safely.

However, beware of fashioning a filter on your own. In the past, many have used one or two layers of black-and-white film that has been fully exposed to light and developed to maximum density, relying on the metallic silver contained in the film emulsion as the protective filter. However, these days, some films use dyes instead, making them unsafe.

If you have to fashion your own filter, make sure that you’re using the right film with the silver in it, and not one that has dyes. We used B/W film and asked the guy at the photo shop just to be sure…

Blackened X-Ray film may not be completely safe either, and self-made objects like a floppy dish removed from its case or the black colour slide film should be avoided.

Photo: Guy LebègueSource: Eclipse Viewer



One of the most widely available filters for safe solar viewing is a piece of No. 14  welder’s glasses, available from welding supply stores.

Do not use sunglasses. No matter how expensive they are, they are not suitable for looking at the Sun.

Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason


For a more detailed explanation of observing eclipses safely, you might want to check out these websites:
NASA’s Eye Safety During Solar Eclipses


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