Protection for your camera

If you are going to photograph the eclipse, here’s one way to fashion some protection for your camera.

(It’s not advisable to point your camera directly at the Sun, you might damage the photosensors.)

Get some black-and-white film that has been fully exposed to light, and have it developed to maximum density. This method relies on the metallic silver contained in the film emulsion as the protective filter.

Self-made optical filter (Photo: Kalan)

Collect the roll later… Voilà!

You can get creative with how you affix the filter to your camera.

Use the universal answer to everything, i.e. duct tape. Build a holder out of string and toothpicks (like the picture on the right). Or build some sort of holder for the filter (like cut a plastic bottle up and paste the filter at the hole at the bottom… which is what we plan to do).

That’s for your camera.

Now, about your eyes.

If you really have to look at the Sun with a self-made filter, and you’ve heard your science teacher mention this technique in the past, please note that these days, some films use dyes instead of silver.

This makes them unsafe for blocking out the Sun properly. So when purchasing the film, make sure to ask the staff at the film shop and that you get the right type of black-and-white film.

We’re making our plastic-bottle-filter-holder right now. I’ll post the results once we’re done. This is so fun.


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