The Sun Stoppers are in Shanghai

We have arrived in China, land of the longest eclipse of the 21st century on Wednesday,22 July 2009. First things first — tweet. (Follow our tweets.)


We arrived at dawn. After some hiccups with our cab — it overheated; Shanghai is in the middle of a hot, hot summer, btw — we made it to our destination, equipment, luggage and all, and set up base immediately.

We had a couple of meetings and started preparations, all for our eclipse team to beam the eclipse back LIVE on come Wednesday morning.

Everyone’s talking about the eclipse, by the way. It’s on television, in the newspapers. Drivers are receiving warnings to prepare them for the temporary darkness in two days’ time.

The air’s a little hazy. The weather’s a bit cloudy. It’s really hot and humid. But everyone, the entire city, is hoping it’ll all clear up for Wednesday morning.

DayEclipse MeetingFilter glassesFilter glassesTestDusk

That’s it for now. We’ve got more work to do. Then a good night’s rest before we set off bright and early for another long day of eclipse activity.

And then off to Yangshan Island, which is our location for viewing the century’s most dramatic eclipse. Woot!


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4 Responses to “The Sun Stoppers are in Shanghai”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Hullo! I am in Shanghai fer the eclipse too. (;

    There is this tour counter set up at the lobby of my hotel which is promoting a trip to Yangshan island for the eclipse. Am still hesitating whether to go ahead with it or to simply watch the eclipse from Shanghai itself.

    The weather looked pretty okay today, but I heard that thunderstorms are forecasted for July 22. :( I hope it clears!

  2. stargazer Says:

    Yes we heard about the weather too. We’re praying hard that the skies will be clear long enough for the eclipse.

    Do you have friends who live/work in Shanghai? Maybe they will know if the visibility be better and the pollution less outside of the city.

    We made arrangements to head to Yangshan coz we heard it’s better, but many of our friends will be catching it from the city itself.

    Either way, we’re sure it’ll still be a spectacular event. :)

  3. Brenda Says:

    I ended up driving down to Yangshan in the end! (; But to no avail … skies remained overcast and gloomy. Thank goodness for the occasional gaps in the clouds, though.

    My dad works in Shanghai, and he was a great help in making all the travel plans and during the eclipse chase itself. Definitely one of the most exciting experiences in my entire lifetime!

  4. stargazer Says:

    We were in Yangshan too. It was cloudy, but through the little gaps, whatever bits of the eclipse, it was still amazing.

    Maybe you can chase the next eclipse: there’s an annular eclipse in Jan 2010 and another total eclipse in July 2010 (but they are shorter, and fall in remote places).

    Good luck! :-)

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