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All-in-one eclipse

12 July, 2009

This is an interesting shot. Instead of doing the phases of the eclipse in a sequence of shots, this one overlays them all. The partial eclipse and the corona shining around the total eclipse.

Solar Eclipse (Photo: R Berteig_


Crown of crowns

9 July, 2009

Photo: Rogilbert

An amazing image shot by amateur photographer Rogilbert of the August 11, 1999 eclipse over Europe — the Sun’s corona is peeking beyond the moon’s uneven silhouette, enhanced by the Moon’s uneven terrain.

Crazy about eclipses

8 July, 2009

We’re crazy about eclipses (in case you haven’t guessed already). And one of the guys on the team had an eclipse as his desktop wallpaper (but, of course!).

After some quick sniffing around the Internet, we found out that he got it from, who does great desktop images, including triptychs and dual set-ups, for the various screen sizes.

This particular image can be found in his archive for 04, under the month of February (02) on the 14th. (Aww, Valentine’s Day. How sweet. Maybe he loves eclipses too.)

It was a dual set up, which the illustrator described as a “crappy attempt in creating a solar eclipse.”

Personally, we think it’s not bad. Sure, we may be a bit biased towards eclipses, but really, it looks cool 1680 x 1050 x 2.


Black Sun in the sky

2 July, 2009

I’ve posted lots of shots of total solar eclipses up close. Breathtaking with the disc of the Sun totally blocked by the Moon, the corona of the Sun shining behind the black circle.

But I like this picture from the March 29, 2006 event, snapped form further back with the horizon in view.

The total eclipse in the sky, an edge of orange corona albeit partially blocked by clouds (I hope it’s not cloudy on July 22…). Totally surreal…

Photo: Helder da Rocha