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An eclipse in Goa, India

14 July, 2009

If you’re in the northern part of India, even better if you’re in the northeastern part because then it won’t be too early before sunrise, there’s a good chance you can catch the total solar eclipse.

Here’s a shot of silhouettes in Goa to inspire you.

19 Mar 2007 (Photo: Joerg Schoppmeyer)

On Moonday, March 19, (2007) shortly before the equinox, locations in Asia and the Arctic were favoured by the New Moon’s shadow during a partial solar eclipse. Although the view from Goa, India found the eclipsed Sun near the horizon, photographer Joerg Schoppmeyer was still able to capture this lovely image, combining celestial with terrestrial silhouettes. The next eclipse season will begin in late August this year, featuringa total lunar eclipse on August 28, and another partial solar eclipse on September 11. Compared to the March 19th eclipse, the September 11th eclipse will be seen on the other side of our fair planet, from parts of South America and Antarctica. (Source: APOD)

8 more days to the Eclipse of the Century!


One event, three different countries

5 July, 2009

We posted a couple of pictures of the August 1, 2008 solar eclipse a few days ago, all of which were snapped in different parts of Russia.

These are of the same solar eclipse, but taken from Saratov in Russia, Chandigarh in Northern India and Bergen in Norway.

Photo: Deevrod

Photo: Gaganspidey

Photo: Michael M

16 days left to the most dramatic solar eclipse of our lifetime on 22 July 2009!

If you are in Surat, Varanasi, Patna, Thimphu in India, or Chengdu, CHongqing, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Shanghai in China, you’ll be able to experience the total eclipse.

Other parts of Asia will experience varying degrees of a partial eclipse.

But if you are nowhere in those areas, don’t fret. You can catch the eclipse via steaming live feed on