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Lightpainting and pizza

8 July, 2009

Look what cheeky things we’ve been up to. What are “Pen Sprouts”? Are they the same as “Upper Snots” and “Porn Setups”? Watch and find out.

 This video was the most fun to do. And after the first couple of letter swaps, the Sun Stopper crew got the hang of it and things went faster and more smoothly. Then after we wrapped, we all had pizza for lunch. Perfect.


Total eclipse in the dark

30 June, 2009

We had fun making this one. And we’ve heard good feedback, too (Thanks, Mum).

But really, this is one of my favourite. LED lights and glowsticks and tripping around in the dark. We also realised that being a consistently-shaped little cloud isn’t as easy as it looks. Enjoy.