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Some fun Sun facts

1 July, 2009

Some facts about our one and only Sun.

  • Author: NASAThe Sun is a star.
  • Its vital statistics are: it’s 4.6 billion years old (about middle aged as far as the lifespan of stars go) and weighs a mass of 2 x 1027 tonnes.
  • About 74% of the Sun is hydrogen. 24% is helium. The rest consists of trace amounts of iron, nickel, oxygen, and all other elements. 
  • The solar system consists of the Sun and eight planets, but the Sun pretty much makes the solar system. It accounts for 99.8% of the total mass of the solar system, most of the remaining 0.2% comes from Jupiter.
    Earth and the rest of the planets together make up just a fraction of the solar system’s mass.
  • The temperature of the Sun’s atmosphere reaches about 100,000°C. The temperature at the Sun’s surface, the photosphere, is less at about 6,000°C, but increases as we move inwards towards the Sun’s, which measures about 15 million degrees Celsius!
  • Ultraviolet light from the Sun has antiseptic properties and is used by industries to sanitize tools and water. In our bodies, it helps in the production of vitamin D. However, UV Rays also cause sunburn.