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30 June, 2009

We. Are. LIVE!

Let it not be said we are primitive. We’ve now got our very own corner of the vast and expansive Internet, at It’s quite posh, but we’re settling in nicely — potted plants in this corner, aroma burner in that, TV player where everyone can watch and enjoy.

In fact, we’ve even got a countdown widget done up.

We especially like the countdown widget. It brings a little sunshine to our desktops (makes it more convenience to snuff out the Sun). But don’t take our word for it, go get your own.



Almost Heroes

28 June, 2009

Another short video we created.

Not exactly the cast of that hit TV series Heroes, but if the guy can stop the Sun (which, in the show affects people’s abilities and their powers), who knows what could happen?

Sylar ought to beware.

25 more days to the Sun being stopped! Whee!